DONE at 6 AM

DONE at 6 AM is a gathering where participants work on their own tasks before living their normal life.


Start: 06:00 AM (yes you read correctly)
End: 08:30 AM

We want to get things done here, and we like doing it early so we have the rest of the day for the normal things of life.

We stricly follow The Pomodoro Technique® ( and some other great practices to have get things done at the end of every timebox.

The goal: completing 4 pomodori of 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of pause.

NOT the goal: discussing endlessly about ideas that don’t transform into done s***.

Come even if you know nothing about productivity, just follow the flow and… get things DONE!

Every participant will have their space to put their computer and work.

Seats are limited.


To participate in the next events, join the DONE at 6 AM Zurich Meetup group.